VIDEO: Fans SHOOK at Trisha Paytas’ ‘Six Feet Under’ Music Video

Trisha Paytas has a new music video that’s trending and fans are shook.

Trisha started her channel in 2006 and focuses on lifestyle vlogs and hauls. Her fans love her for her honest and controversial discussions describing her personal life and past working as a stripper and escort. She models for lingerie and fetish photoshoots, and has her own perfume titled Trish.

Trisha has over 4.7 million subscribers, and is credited with popularizing the mukbang boom. But now Trisha has a trending new song and music video that has fans saying: “Wait, this is good?”

The song is titled Six Feet Under and shows Trisha imagining how people might remember her after her death. The video shows Trisha in a casket as flashbacks from her life play over the screen, and fans are having a visceral reaction.

As more and more fans listened and loved, Trisha’s video made it to the trending page Trisha was shocked to learn the news, saying that she’s never had a video trend before, Tweeting out: “#17 ON TRENDING ?! Hahaha I’ll take it. I’m like the black sheep on YouTube so this is epic hahahahaha. Thank u all so much for the love. On set of my next music vid today !!!!”

And for the many fans who claimed the video made them cry, Trisha said “Hopefully happy tears ???? it symbolizes I’m finally in the light”

Trisha has battled through some controversy lately. When an old video surfaced online, where Trisha expresses her thoughts supporting Trump’s message that immigrants are stealing our jobs. Trisha later apologized, saying the whole thing was meant as a joke, but in retrospect was in poor taste, saying: “I was so driven for money, I would say anything”.

Trisha’s fans, however have stuck with her through thick and thin, and they’re proud to watch Trisha grow with every step.

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