VIDEO: Fans SLAM Tana Mongeau’s New GAMING Career


Tana Mongeau is trying to be a gamer, but people are not into it.

Tana Mongeau is a vlogger known for her eccentric personality who made headlines when her spiteful anti-vid con convention, TANACON, ripped off thousands of fans and caused an uproar in the YouTube community.

But all of that drama made one heck of a documentary when Shane Dawson took an investigative look into how and why it all fall apart, and won a Streamy Award for Best Documentary and another for Creator of the Year, which Tana accepted for him.

Tana has now parlayed her infamy into a new venture… gaming.

In a stream titled “New Titty Streamer”, Tana announces her new hobby, but unfortunately, Tana’s debut on the platform was not well received. Jai said “Why is tana mongeau trying to stream on twitch this is gamer city u don’t go here /:” Dominic said “I’d despair at Tana Mongeau landing on Twitch, if it weren’t for there already being umpteen of these poisonous little monsters already dumping their version of content all over that website anyway.”

So, maybe Twitch isn’t totally clicking for Tana yet, but her YouTube audience continues to grow, with over 3.8M subscribers. On her feed she tries out trends, tells hilarious stories of her late night adventures, and takes her viewers along for the ride on her trips around the world.

Dalby tweeted” I can not stand Tana Mongeau but I also can’t stop watching her videos… what tf is my problem”, to which she replied “hate views still pay bills hoe”

But Tana has plenty of fans who stan. In fact, she’s currently in the running for iHeartRadio’s social star award.

What do you think about Tana’s venture into gaming? Do you think she should keep at it on put down the controller? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.