No rum pum pum pum!

People are going to extreme lengths to avoid the dreaded holiday song of… Little Drummer Boy.

It is a classic holiday song, that drives a lot of people crazy, and this Christmas, people are competing in a game to avoid the song completely Here’s how you play. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, you must avoid hearing the song “Little Drummer Boy” at all costs.

That includes snippets, parodies, bits, clips… anything!If you recognize it, you’re out!

The game has been growing in popularity for years and some subgroups have even started websites dedicated to group play. Like this website where can input your results on their nifty survey, which records the data and shows the stats of how where people got out when.

Results from this website date back 10 years!

The 2017 results show at 72% loss rate, with most people thwarted by a TV episode or movie, seconded by Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s rendition.

The the site was started by Michael Alan Peck, who admits that while he does collect a lot of data, he’s not the one who started the game.

In fact, according to, the game was invented at Xinet in Berkeley, CA in the mid-1990s after a college watched a performance of Grace Jones’s on Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special. We asked why he was upset, and the colleague said he was trying to make it through Christmas without hearing that song. And that’s when a handful of people started to play.

According to the only people allowed to play are quote “persons of honor”. Liars, cheats, and pedantic rules-arguers are dis-invited from playing

And if you’re serious about the game, check out the Killer Media: Toxic List on to help you avoid those nasty tv and movie pitfalls. LDB also offers a few tips including:

-Avoid shopping
-Beware of airports, airport shuttles, airport bars,
-Do not station surf on your radio! Control your surroundings. Scanning is the spawn of the devil.

“Use of ear plugs and ear buds with music on is legal…avoiding hearing the song by drowning it out fair game. And Pro-pro-tip: Don’t tell anyone you are playing unless you absolutely have to.”

Because they’ll probably try to get you out.

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