VIDEO: Is Tati Opens Up about Struggles with Infertility in Viral Video

It's a video that I'm sure will help others struggling with the same concerns.

In a new video, Tati opens up about her painful struggles with infertility and how it’s affecting her YouTube channel.

Tati Westbrook is a beauty blogger turned cosmetics CEO, with over 5M subscribers, and a loyal fan base that has been enjoying her daily upload schedule since 2010. In 2016, she also created her own app, the GlamLifeGuru app, which is helps viewers easily navigate through her beauty tips and tricks. All along, Tati has been open about declining sponsored videos because she wants the freedom to share honest reviews for her fans.

Though she will sometimes accept sponsorship from a few brands she believes in, and does accept free products in exchange for fair reviews. Tati has grown a lot over the past decade, finally achieving her dream and becoming a CEO of her own brand, Halo.

Halo began with supplements for better skin and now expanding into cosmetics and skincare. After all this success, Tati is starting to pump the breaks, explaining that she has been uploading 5 days a week since 2010, but unfortunately, this schedule has become too much, and Tati also reveals that some priorities in her life have shifted

Tati then goes on to reveal that this journey to have a baby has been a struggle. Tati has endometriosis, which makes it more difficult for her to conceive a child. She has realized that in order to truly give her body the best chance, she will need to reduce the stress in her life.

And while this announcement did sound like she would be stepping away completely, Tati reassured her fans that she will be uploading videos here and there and she will be vlogging about her journey. Above all, she thanks her viewers for sticking with her. She expresses her fears that the reduction in videos will cost her some fans.

But Tati’s fans reassured her: they will absolutely be there for her. Of course they would. A talent like hers attracts fans who are loyal to the end! But what do you think about Tati’s decision to cut back and focus on her health? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.