VIDEO: Man Smashes Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star with Pick-Axe

Hell yeah!

The Donald Trump Star. Some might say… it is the dumbest, worst little piece of sidewalk in all of Los Angeles. Some might say… yes, I agree with the man who has just spoken, it is quite bad! Others however may say… you are correct and I hope this star goes to jail. One man however did what mere words could not, and smashed that star until it straight up turned into dust. Hooray!

Here’s the video of the dude smashing the holy living hell out of that damned star.

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was smashed to bits. According to witnesses, a man used a pickaxe concealed in a guitar case. Nice. The man later turned himself in to police officers only to, get this, be bailed out by the guy who destroyed it in October, 2016. Whoa. Cool guys all around.

In personal news I visited the Donald Trump Hollywood star around Christmas on 2016. It was insane. Surrounding it was the following: two alt right dudes holding coffee cups that said “Donald Trump” and “Barack Obama” on them respectively, teenagers flipping off the star, a white guy selling MAGA hats, and about two dozen onlookers. I hate that fucking thing. Ugh.

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