VIDEO: Oldest Man In Australia Sewed Sweaters For Penguins

Cuties! All of them!

The oldest man in Australia devoted his time to knitting these cute sweaters for penguins. It’s amazing what you want to do when you’ve lived such a long life, and in the case of one man, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date, he, and a group of volunteers, have devoted their time to creating “little penguin jumpers”, i.e., adorable sweaters to keep these flightless cuties warm. Alfie was 111 years old when he passed away in 2016, and began knitting the sweaters shortly after moving in to a nursing home. He began at first with the easy “single rib and double rib” sweaters. Nurses introduced him to the “Knits for Nature” program and Date joined the group.

The sweaters are meant to help the penguins protect themselves against oil spills near Phillip Island, after a 2002 spill sent over 400 penguins into a needed rehabilitation.

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