VIDEO: People Are FREAKING OUT Over Dangerous Viral Nillu Nill Challenge

This new viral dance challenge in India is endangering people just like the Kiki Challenge.

Is this viral trend as dangerous as the Kiki Challenge?

Tik Tok is the latest social media platform responsible for birthing viral challenges and bringing joy to people around the globe. But this particular challenge might be getting out of hand.

The Nillu Nillu challenge has people dancing in front of moving vehicles having fun… and risking their lives!

The challenge originated in Kerala, India and is reminiscent of America’s Kiki Challenge, where people got out of their moving vehicle to dance along to Drake’ s song “In My Feelings”, which unfortunately led to a lot of epic fails and injuries.

And we’ll spare you the videos of people straight up getting hit by cars because, well, there’s no reason for you to see that, I think.

So, it’s no surprise that people in Kerala are worried about the Nillu Nill challenge. The challenge has evolved into something quite dangerous, with people literally running in front of moving vehicles that are not stopping for them.

The song Nillu Nillu literally means ‘stop stop’, and is from a 2004 film called Rain Rain Come Again, which has randomly become popular again, thanks of course to the internet.

There have be no major injuries YET but come on guys, be safe.

The Kerala police have even warned the city about the dangers of letting this challenge get out of hand.

And while the challenge is trending on Tik Tok, other people are not seeing the appeal. Like Dhanu Hansda who said “This “Nillu Nillu” challenge reminds me of the movie “Nerve”. Seriously what is wrong with people.

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