VIDEO: Pop Singer Indiana Took TOPLESS PHOTOS In Front of War Memorial?!

Was this tasteful or nah?

Pop singer Indiana has offended many in the UK after posing topless in front of a World War 1 memorial.

Indiana, whose real name is Lauren Henson, recently released her second album, Not Girlfriend Material. She had a top 20 hit in the UK in 2014 with the song “Solo Dancing.”

But, today what people are talking about isn’t her music, but her Instagram. In a series of photos, the singer and Instagram model shows herself topless in front of a memorial honoring fallen soldiers from the first World War.

The photos were taken inside of a London church, and they’ve ruffled quite a few feathers. Comments on her Instagram include “Nice pic – not sure back drop is appropriate – sorry” and “Pretty bad taste in front of a memorial for war dead…”

Others said the images showed a lack of respect for the three-quarters of a million British soldiers who died in World War 1. But Henson also has plenty of defenders.

HeyMisterUnicorn wrote: “Can’t believe that out of all the things to get offended about in this world, people are wasting their time and energy on this”, and keereee said “Get it girl!! Those soldiers wouldn’t complain one bit”

And, in a follow up post on Instagram, she came to her own defense.

She said: “Those names behind me, those boys died fighting for our freedom. I live in the free world they created and here I am, embracing my body and being free.” She told news outlets that she chose the location because of its lighting, and was unaware of its historical significance. “I didn’t even notice it was a war memorial. We were drunk. I know people are offended, but why? It’s a human body, why is that offensive?”

Okay, you’d have to be pretty drunk to not notice that a plaque with a bunch of names that reads “The Glorious Dead, 1914-1919” is a war memorial.

She also told The Sun: “I’m pretty sure those boys that gave their lives for this country would enjoy a casual bit of side boob.” If soldiers who died in World War 1 suddenly reanimated in 2018, I feel like Indiana’s sideboob would be the least of their problems. They’d be like: “Women are wearing pants!!”

The other interesting part of this controversy is that it seems to have started months after she first posted the photos.

She first posted one on June 27, with a caption detailing her struggle with anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder. To her, the photos represent an embracing of her body, even though she knows she’ll always have trouble appreciating how she looks.

What do you guys think? Is it tasteful to take a topless photo in front of a war memorial? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.