VIDEO: Shane Dawson HINTS at Possible COLLAB with IGGY AZALEA

We've never been more excited to see two different people be such fans of one another.

Iggy Azalea just revealed she’s a Shane Dawson fan and Shane is freaking out.

Shane Dawson has had an incredible year, pioneering a new form of YouTube content in his documentary-style investigative series. These series gained millions of views, and his Truth About Tanacon doc earned Shane a Streamy for Creator of the Year.

Based on the success of the Tanacon doc, Shane has also done several more series including The Secret World of Jeffree Star, which answered many fans burning questions about how and why Jeffree was so successful, and The Mind of Jake Paul, which dove into the lives of controversial Youtubers Jake and Logan Paul, who many believed had sociopathic tendencies, given the content they create.

These series are incredibly influential in the YouTube community and are a great introduction into the YouTube world for people curious about the platform, which might be why rapper Iggy Azalea is recommending Shane to everyone she knows.

Iggy Tweeted “I’ve recommended people watch Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel 100X more than I have Bird Box. Him dressed up as JS is a thousand times more entertaining.”

And in case that tweet didn’t totally make sense to you, Birdbox is a Netflix suspense film that went viral over the holidays that spawned memes and viral challenges. In her Tweet, Iggy is referring to to Shane’s deep dive on Jeffree Star, where he gets a Jeffree Star makeover.

Shane responded to this tweet saying: R U TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?! i need to buy a damn printer cause i’m gonna frame this tweet. Hahaha

Needless to say, he was shook. And so were his fans, many calling for a collaboration video, and some even suggested Shane do his next deep dive series on Iggy herself.

Which Shane didn’t confirm, but seemed to support by liking and retweeting the suggestions. As for Iggy, she has some content suggestions herself, saying: Can you, ryland & Garett please get spray tans and document your experience summer 2019 ?

Which is honestly not a bad suggestion, though we think his fans would like to see Iggy go along on the adventure as well.

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