Shane Dawson is teasing a release of his first ever makeup palette with Jeffree Star!

Shane Dawson is teasing a release of his first ever makeup palette!

Shane Dawson is a YouTube OG who is known for his conspiracy theories and popular investigative videos, and one of his docuseries has a big impact on him last year. As Shane was deep diving into the life of controversial makeup blogger, Jeffree Star, he was shocked to find out the monetary potential for creating a makeup line… and it was in the millions.

This of course peaked Shane’s interest…and they began joking about making a product. All jokes aside, Shane revealed on instagram that he was in fact doing research for his own palette. Not only did he say he would be making a palette, but he would film an entire series around it Fans have seen Jeffree and Shane hanging out and posting about it on social media a lot, and they have been teasing a ‘new project’ coming ‘in 2019’

And while the details were a little murky on exactly what they would be doing, Jeffree released a video treating Shane to a $15K Gucci makeover, where they confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

Jeffree enters Shane’s home to see Shane using the Jeffree Star Alien palette, before expressing his gratitude. As they open gifts, Jeffree reveals a new highlighter that he think is perfect for Shane, and Shane is all about it.

nd while a lot of fans are excited for what’s to come, some are still hung up on Jeffree’s controversial past. Jeffree has been accused of racism, after an old comedy video surfaced of him joking about throwing battery acid on a black woman’s face to lighten her skin. Boop said “Drives me nuts when Shane Dawson hangs out with Jeffree Star because its so obvious that Jeffree is a racist….” And Steph tweeted, “i seriously cannot stand jeffree starr’s racist ass AT ALL nor am i interested knowing about his lavish life,,,,,, can shane please reevaluate everything”

But in the docuseries, Shane and Jeffree open up about that controversial moment, and Shane has also publicly apologized for comedy videos where he dressed in blackface that he made early in his career.

A release date or announcement have not yet been made, but fans are excited to see what they have been working on.

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