VIDEO: Teen Graduates High School and Harvard At Same Time

Meanwhile, when I was 16, I could name most but not all of the X-Men.

This sixteen year old will graduate from high school and Harvard this Spring. Braxton Moral is the first and only student to pursue a 4-year high school degree and bachelor’s degree at Harvard at the same time. Braxton’s family realized he was special in the 3rd grade. Braxton’s father said, “They told us: ‘You need to do something. He’s not just gifted. He’s really, really gifted.'”

He started taking classes at Harvard when he was 12, with his first class being one on javascript. Braxton was able to study simultaneously in high school and college through the Harvard Extension School. Braxton’s math teacher, Patsy Love, served as the proctor for the Harvard program and was able to administer his tests in Kansas. Unfortunately he also said that, “Politics is end game for me”, but here’s hoping it’s the good politics rather than the sad one. You know, whichever one you don’t like. I’m not going to editorialize this one so much.

Braxton, the double graduate, majored in English and wants to study Law, and he’s looking forward to being able to vote soon. So uhh… congratulations Braxton! I can only hope you use the dividends from your amazing achievement for good and not evil, as so many people will probably really encourage you too.

And look. Ten years until global warming is irreversible? That’s not good! Help us Braxton! Come on buddy! By the time I was out of high school I was working at some garbage retail job, but I didn’t have double diplomas! Come on buddy! Fix the world! Come on!

Well, why he’s doing that, I guess I’ll sign off on the entry. What do you think about someone reaching this achievement? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and we’ll see you next time with all the latest news regarding big old over achievers!