VIDEO: The THREE FINGER CHALLENGE is Dividing the Internet

Two fingers? No problem. But three fingers!? Oh boy!

Can you do this weird circle over the eyes thing? It’s trickier than it looks.

This all started with a tweet from @AnthonyBabyy from Bellaire, Texas. It shows Anthony and his girlfriend doing a hand trick where you make the OK symbol, but then flip your thumb and forefinger and place your hand over your eye. They keep their first three fingers exposed outward the whole time but then manage to invert the forefinger and thumb without turning their other fingers.

And a lot of people feel the same way as us. Giselle said “I AM CONFUSION” And plenty of people replied with their own failed attempts. But, once you get it, it can be really satisfying.

Some people have uploaded instructional videos trying to break it down… But honestly, that just makes it harder for some people. The key is that you want to rotate your wrist just slightly so you’re flipping your thumb and forefinger without flipping your whole hand.

Now, if you haven’t gotten it yet and you want to practice, it’s worth remembering that this gesture (do the gesture) isn’t universally regarded as O.K. Brazil, Germany, and several other countries, the gesture is considered offensive, and is often used to symbolize the word “anus”, and, in recent years, that symbol has been somewhat connected to the alt-right and white nationalist movements.

Now, there’s a lot more to it than that, and if you want a whole history of how the OK symbol may or may not be a white nationalist hand gesture, there’s a pretty comprehensive analysis at Know Your Meme, and the link for that is right here.

That symbol can also get you into trouble if someone is playing The Circle Game. That’s when makes the gesture below the waist, and if you look at it, they get to hit you in the arm.

That game’s been around since at least the 80s and was popularized in the early oughts in an episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

The point is, once you’ve figured out the whole hand-flip thing or whatever we’re calling it… you can use that symbol to tell people in Brazil to fuck off, trick your friends into letting you hit them, or show your solidarity with white nationalists. We hope you don’t do that last one.

So let us know below if you can do this weird finger thing in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.