VIDEO: THIS IS WHY Victoria Beckham Wants to Be a YouTuber

Like and subscribe to Victoria Beckham guys, she wants this for some reason!

Victoria Beckham is becoming a vlogger! Victoria Beckham is an English businesswoman, fashion designer and former Spice Girl. She’s married to football idol David Beckham, has 4 adorable children and is bffs with the royal family. What else could a girl possibly want?

Maybe a diamond play button?

For years, there has been a great divide between traditional celebrities and YouTuber fame, but with the changing landscape, many traditional celebs are headed to the digital space — like Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman, and Amy Poehler, and the latest traditional celeb to make the jump is Miss Posh Spice herself.

But… like…why?

YouTube uniquely allows creators what they want…What they really really want… Without the oversight and headache of traditional media outlets.

Plus the money can be really good.

YouTuber Liza Koshy was just names a Forbes 30 under 30 and reportedly earns seven figures at the age of 22. Beauty can also be a huge money maker on YouTube, as many makeup tutorialists have started their own makeup lines — like Jeffree Star who admitted to Shane Dawson that he makes millions (PLURAL) a year running his brand.

But doesn’t Victoria Beckham already have millions?

According to Time Magazine, Posh’s net worth is about $450 million dollars. That’s so much more than what she’d probably make from AdSense. Victoria already does have a YouTube channel with a handful of videos promoting her brand, but nothing like the Vlogger, selfie, storytime, stuff that has become tropes of the YouTube style.

In fact, it’s actually kind of hard to imagine Posh spice vlogging…Or reacting to like anything. But all jokes aside, this announcement is huge for YouTube. Many of YouTube’s top creators are leaving or taking a break suffering from burnout and dwindling paycheck.

Major YouTube-based media companies Defy are even going under citing “market conditions” as the reason for closure.

But maybe Victoria’s goals are more personal.

The cloud of Spice Girls has loomed over her entire career, and maybe she’s ready for people to get to know the real her. Even as the Spice Girls have announced their reunion tour, Victoria has not decided to join them showing even more evidence that she’s ready to move on.

The big question will be if Victoria is able to build a genuine YouTube audience? Will you subscribe to her channel? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.