VIDEO: Woman Goes on Crazy Rant on NYC Subway

A woman on the subway completely lost it when another woman took her child’s seat.

A woman completely lost it when another woman took her child’s seat on the subway in New York. In a video posted to YouTube on May 30, the woman is shown screaming at the top of her lungs while other passengers try to ignore her.

At one point, she brings race into it, referencing how the woman who wronged her is Asian. It’s unclear precisely what happened to set this woman off. Either the Asian woman refused to move so she could sit next to her daughter, or she intentionally moved the daughter out of the way to take a seat. Whatever happened, it’s the angry tirade that got recorded and uploaded for hundreds of thousands to see online. At the end of the video, the angry woman notices she’s being filmed and asks: “what are you recording, my dick in your mouth?”

One of the more disturbing moments in the video occurs when the mother encourages her daughter to push the other woman out of her seat. Several commenters are expressing dismay at the woman’s behavior, and are targeting her unusually deep voice.

So, what does subway etiquette say in this situation? Obviously, “manspreading” has been a subject of discussion in recent years, and nobody likes anyone who takes up too much space on a train, but is it right for someone to ask children to move to take a seat?

Most subway etiquette guides we consulted suggest that the two-seater train is for two people, whether those people are children or not. So, should this woman have asked them to move, or, as the angry woman in the video suggests, physically moved them to take a seat? Of course not.

Should the angry woman have addressed the situation in a more subtle, societally-accepted fashion?  Yes, almost certainly.

The police are yet to make a comment on this incident, so it’s likely that no report was filed and the situation ended without violence. What do you guys think? Could the woman have had a chiller reaction? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to follow us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.