VIDEO: YouTuber Dodie Opens Up About Mental Health, Hid Lyrics to New Song In Videos


YouTube Creator and musical artist Dodie hid the lyrics of her next song in her videos and people are freaking out.

Dodie is a British singer/songwriter, with over 1.7 M subscribers on YouTube and a blossoming music career. Her last two EPs have peaked at 35th and sixth on the UK charts, with her latest EP sitting at number 3. Fans love Dodie for her down to earth personality and honest lyrics, but her latest display of creativity is shocking everyone.

Over the past 9 months, Dodie has hidden her song lyrics in her Vlogs. The song is called Arms Unfolding inspired by two of her friends who are learning to love each other again. The reactions to this reveal have been staggering, and this creative endeavor isn’t even the most inspiring thing Dodie has done this week.

Dodie wrote an article for Bustle about her journey, titled: Overcoming Depression, Doing Away With Binary Thinking & Finding Happiness. In it, she opens up about her personal struggles with mental health. She writes, “I started self-harming. I was consumed by suicidal thoughts, and I was absolutely convinced that there was no way out, and this is just how life would be now. I had opened the door to seeing life in the worst way possible, and now that I’d seen “the truth” I’d never be able to feel as ignorantly happy as I was before.”

She talks about meeting with a therapist and working through some specific mental blocks, which she details in her article, saying “This mindfulness helped me to stop spiraling and eventually built me up to a place where I could say I was okay, and once I had that proof that I could get out of something I had convinced myself was terminal, I held on to that for the next time a bad bout of it came around. Every time I sink back, I remind myself that it’s temporary. I’m strong, I’m capable, and I know there is always some good to find. I promise you — you too will find it.”

If you would like to read Dodie’s full article, check out the link here.

Dodie encourages readers who are struggling with depression to seek professional help. If you are battling with suicidal thoughts, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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