VIDEO: YouTuber Jeffree Star Says F$%# OFF! to Major Beauty Brand

Get ready to delve into the latest feud!

Jeffree Starr is throwing some serious shade at Huda Kattan. Infamous for fierce makeup and even fiercer drama, Jefree star is at at it again and this time he’s calling out another hot member in the beauty world.

Huda Katan is a blogger turned reality star turned makeup guru, who you may have seen on her Facebook Watch show, Huda Boss. The 34-year-old makeup artist and entrepreneur has based her beauty company in Dubai is is worth an estimated $550 million.

Huda was born in Oklahoma City to Iraqui immigrants, and is now the majority stakeholder of Huda Beauty which is valued at $1 billion.

So why is Jeffree Star picking a fight with this beauty influencer?

Jeffree Starr has his own cosmetic line with a cult-like following, and over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. So when makeup artist Cole Carrigan tweeted: i got PR emails today from tatcha, HUDA beauty, Lancôme, and NYX and it’s only 3pm, Jeffrey took the opportunity to throw some major shade Huda’s way.

He said “Tell Huda Beauty to fuck off and use products from someone with a soul” Cole fanned the flames with his own comeback saying: “oh trust me…that package was going straight into a giveaway #sorrynotsorry

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So what is with all the shade?

Well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Last July, Jeffree accused Huda of stealing the packaging and marketing concepts for her Easy Bake Setting Powder from a small independent makeup brand called Beauty Bakerie.

He tweeted: Well it’s safe to say Huda Beauty is a fucking embarrassment to the makeup community… here is our conversation where she won’t admit or speak about stealing from @beautybakerie I will never support her again.

He then attached screenshots of he and Huda’s conversation, where he accused her of stealing and her and she offered a political response: “..I don’t communicate like this. I genuinely just wanted to clarify things between us, but it seems you have other needs and/or intentions. Nonetheless, wishing you the best in your future.”

Jeffree was not shy in his response, saying: …you’re a horrible person. You also have issues with people of color and the LGBTQ community so you have a lot more problems to worry about.

Huda hasn’t responded to any of Jeffrey’s accusations and has continued on with her business. She was even recently featured in the fashion and beauty industry’s revered trade magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, in a flattering article and video highlighting her strengths and achievements.

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