Honk honk/ splash splash

Are you ready for the future that Aquaman has promised you way back in his seahorse riding days? These YouTubers made a car that can drive when filled with water and the video is going viral.

The YouTube Channel The Racka Racka has over 5M subscribers, and was created by Australian twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou. They are known for their live-action combat videos and for making videos where they dress up like Ronald McDonald. And now this channel attempted to create the world’s first underwater car…

Okay, so the title is a little misleading, because this car doesn’t actually go underwater. In fact, the ACTUAL first underwater car called sQuba was created in 2015 and was developed by the Swiss company, Rinspeed. But regardless…this is still an interesting sight to see and definitely had some clever engineering.

And while we’re sure Caleb did a great job with the design, there were some risks involved. Thankfully, none of those risks became a reality. As you can imagine, this was quite a sight for the locals.

Bystanders were confused and intrigued by the underwater car, and it even made it on to their local news.

So if these YouTubers could make this happen? What’s possible in the future?

Self-driving cars are the latest conversational focus, and electric cars are finally coming in for a much overdue presence, with companies like Tesla bringing them into the popular marketplace.

But are underwater or even flying cars on their way? Flying cars have been “coming soon” for decades, with latest industry predictions estimating their arrival around 2023

Uber has even created a model for a flying taxi which is a great idea, but is having trouble taking off.

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