Woman Survives For SEVEN DAYS After Driving Her Car Off A Cliff

A 23-year-old woman was miraculously found alive over seven days after driving her car over a cliff near Big Sur. Angela Hernandez was driving from Portland, Oregon, to Southern California, when she mysteriously vanished. Her sister Isabel’s Facebook page over the following week is truly devastating, detailing her frantic search for any information regarding Angela’s whereabouts.

But on Friday, after local authorities had already canceled the search, she was found alive.

Chad and Chelsea Moore had been camping nearby and were walking along a remote beach when they spotted Angela’s car. They eventually stumbled upon Angela herself and called for help, leading the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office to initiate a rescue over the 200-foot cliff.

Once she was in the hospital, Angela got back on Facebook to detail her remarkable story of survival.

She had swerved to avoid a small animal in the road, and before she knew it, her car had plunged over the cliff. After three days alone, she found a patch of moss with dripping fresh water. She used a black rubber hose that had fallen off her car during the wreck to collect the water and drink it.

She talks about going somewhat delirious, alone and without any food. “Songs I hadn’t heard in years would play on repeat inside of my head. I’d day dream of foods I’d get to eat once I was found and imagined the face of the person who would eventually find me.”

Chelsea and Chad said they had no idea anyone had been missing in the area, and they were as surprised to see someone at the bottom of that cliff as Angela probably was to see them.

Though it’s unbelievable that anyone could survive this crash, Angela didn’t walk away unscathed. She suffered a brain hemorrhage, four fractured ribs, broken collar bones, a collapsed lung, and ruptured blood vessels in both eyes.

A GoFundMe page initially created to help fund Angela’s rescue, will now be dedicated to her long recovery.

Angela ended her Facebook post with inspiring words about moving forward after this harrowing survival story, saying “I’ve experienced something so unique and terrifying and me that I can’t imagine that there isn’t a bigger purpose for me in this life. I don’t know, you guys, life is incredible.”

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