YouTuber Ice Poseidon Accused of Being a White Supremacist

YouTuber Ice Poseidon and his road trip crew had an encounter with a black family at a Denny’s who accused them of making racist comments.

YouTuber Ice Poseidon and his road trip crew had an encounter with a black family at a Denny’s who accused them of making racist comments.

Ice Poseidon and about a dozen of his friends have been traveling around the U.S. in an RV and live streaming their adventures, but one of their adventures almost turned violent when the crew was in a Denny’s, making racist jokes within earshot of African-American diners. Ice Poseidon, whose real name is Paul Denino, called his friend Asian Andy a white supremacist at the table at which point everyone in the Denny’s starts looking their way. Denino also turned his Make America Great Again hat backward toward the African-Americans behind him.

While this is going on, Asian Andy pitches a series of racist jokes to the crew, which to his credit, Ice Poseidon seems to think is not a great idea. When the family got up to leave, a confrontation escalated. But, why did Ice Poseidon jokingly refer to Asian Andy as a white supremacist? Here’s why.

Just last week, Asian Andy got in trouble for a stunt in an Uber, where viewers of his live stream would pay to say whatever they want through his phone. In an interview with CBS in Los Angeles, Andy didn’t apologize but said he understood why the driver got upset. So, it’s possible that this is what Ice Poseidon was referring to in his white supremacist remark. Later, as the RV is leaving the Denny’s, it’s unclear if the crew is really scared that they’re being followed or if they’re playing it up for the camera. Either way, Ice Poseidon makes another questionable comment to the camera.

The incident didn’t become a full-blown media controversy until author and social commentator Tariq Nasheed posted a clip with the comment:

“Suspected white supremacist youtuber Ice Poseidon and some of his alt-right affiliated buddies were in a restaurant in Los Angeles making slick little racist comments out loud around Black customers, and they ended up getting G-checked.”

Ice Poseidon didn’t appreciate the video getting reposted, and responded:

“Remove this tweet or I will have to start the legal process of suing for slander.”

They had a little back-and-forth on Twitter that ended with neither side really giving an inch, but we don’t think that legal action is forthcoming any time soon.

Ice Poseidon’s road trip is heading to Austin, Texas, for Dreamhack, which begins on Friday, June 1. In his crew are Playboy model Marie Brethenoux, streamer Hyphonix and former YouTube star Sam Pepper. YouTuber EBZ is also part of the crew, though he was not in the Denny’s at the time of the incident. But, since EBZ is black, plenty of Ice Poseidon’s fans are pointing to him as evidence that he’s not a white supremacist.

What do you guys think? Should Ice Poseidon apologize for the video or was it blown out of proportion? Let us know in the comments.

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