YouTuber MeiKCJ Sparks Twitter Fight With Subway Sleeping Prank

What do you think — harmless prank or invasion of privacy?

A YouTuber has sparked controversy with a video where she pretends to fall asleep on people’s shoulders on the train.

The video was made by Colombian YouTuber MeiKCJ, who currently lives in South Korea. Her most popular video is called “Am I Pretty in Korea?” and it features South Korean natives looking at her, guessing what race she is and judging her appearance on a scale from 1 to 10. But, the video that has people arguing on Twitter is titled “Falling Asleep on Strangers’ Shoulder In Korea’s Subway Part 2”. Way too much content for one video, so you can see why she had to make it a two-parter.

@royaltykai posted some stills from the video on Twitter and wrote: “this girl really pretends to fall asleep so she can lean on korean boys’ shoulders….. thats creepy.” 

Some fans immediately came to MeiKCJ’s defense. @Juankookie97 said:

But @royaltykai stands by her opinion, saying:

For what it’s worth, the video has since been deleted, and MeiKCJ said she deleted it because “it went viral in the Philippines and I was getting burnt subs which is not good for any YouTuber. Lmao can y’all stop making things up.”

She may be referring to what’s known as “Subscriber Burn,” which is where YouTube will stop showing a channel’s videos to subscribers on their homepage if they don’t watch a few of that channel’s videos in a row. So it’s possible that MeiKCJ got a whole bunch of subscribers from that viral video, but they aren’t watching her follow-up videos, bringing all of her numbers down. At any rate, she says that’s why the video got deleted, not because of any controversy.

The main issue may be the “intention” behind the video. In the Facebook post @royaltykai initially saw, she’s pulling the prank only on Korean men, which made her think that the intention was to use the stunt as a way to meet men on the train. In a follow-up tweet, @royaltykai admits that this was wrong. She wrote:

Despite what a few people on Twitter might think, it’s pretty tame as far as YouTube pranks go. For years, people have posted stunts like this on YouTube without incident. That being said — it’s 2018, so everyone could stand to be a little more careful when it comes to touching someone without their permission, even if it’s a head on a shoulder.

What do you guys think? Is the prank totally harmless, or is there never an excuse to touch another person without their permission? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.