YouTuber WolfieRaps Caught Cheating With a High Schooler

Yeah — WolfieRaps is canceled.

YouTuber WolfieRaps may be in trouble with his girlfriend after another woman claimed to be his side chick.

WolfieRaps has 8 million subscribers on YouTube. He posts multiple videos a month, frequently with his girlfriend, and beauty vlogger, Sylvia Gani. But recently, someone else, who goes by ‘itsjasmyng’ on Instagram and ‘ayojasmynn’ on Twitter, has posted some images indicating that she may be also dating Wolfie.

Jasmyn’s Instagram is private, but she posted several photos to her 15,000 followers making it clear that she has been spending a lot of time with WolfieRaps. And, if that wasn’t sketchy enough, she also has several tweets indicating that she might still be in high school. WolfieRaps, whose real name is Charles Raynor, will be 25 on June 15.

Keemstar actually got an exclusive interview with Jasmyn, who confirmed that she has been secretly dating Wolfie, and detailed the Snapchat that made her start posting about it publicly. Watch the interview below.

Apparently, Wolfie would ask Sylvia to stay in an Airbnb so that Jasmyn could hang out with him at the Clout House. She says she met WolfieRaps at a party at the PRETTYMUCH house in September 2017. She was 17 at the time and says that Wolfie knew it, but she definitely takes offense to people who say she’s 16 or younger.

It’s pretty clear from listening to Jasmyn talk about this stuff on Instagram that she was upset at how Wolfie was staying with Sylvia and not being open about their relationship. Wolfie has not referenced the controversy on Twitter and told Keemstar that he and Sylvia had no comment, but two tweets from Sylvia are definitely raising our eyebrows.

First, she retweeted Nicki Minaj, who wrote:

Then on May 28, she tweeted:

All in all, it’s hard to parse Jasmyn’s motivation through all of this. Jealous girlfriend? Sure, but we also think she likes all the social media attention she’s getting. At any rate, Jasmyn says she’s now 18 years old, so Wolfie’s likely safe from any legal implications, but it does open her up to more attention online than she may want to deal with.

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