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What is it with squirrels? I never knew that they attracted so much affection from human beings! Just yesterday we had a weird old so and so giving CPR to a squirrel hit by his car, and today we have a woman who held up an entire plane with the help of her emotionally support squirrel. Mainly, the squirrel helped by simply being a squirrel, because folks — he’s not welcome on the plane, friends! He’s not welcome on the plane!

A woman was deplaned in Orlando, on a flight to Cleveland (Orlando!? Is this a crazy Florida story that we all know, love, and are occasionally scared of?) when she got on her Frontier Airlines flight with her squirrel. She told Frontier she’d have an animal on her… but she didn’t tell them it was no squirrel! When Frontier asked her to leave, she refused, forcing the airline to evacuate the plane as it forcibly escorted the woman off of it.

Now, of course, flying is a big old expensive insane stressor, and no one likes when they’re inconvenienced, and especially no one likes being inconvenienced when it’s by someone bringing on an emotional support squirrel. Emotional support animals are already a weird issue for some, but an emotional support squirrel certainly seems like a choice, so the customers chronicled the entire mess on Twitter.

In the final video, we can see the woman getting escorted off the plane as she flips off a cheering audience. Defiant emotional support squirrel mother. You are each of us. Each of us who have an emotional support squirrel.

Frontier Airlines released a statement on the situation, defending themselves, saying, according to The Daily Beast. “Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights.”


Well, there you go. Sorry, Linguini from Pixar’s Ratatouille! Yah can’t bring Remy on board! Sorry!!!

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