This is disturbing...

A video of a man caught putting up Swastika stickers in California has gone viral sparking outrage and serious discussions online. The man was placing white Nazi stickers with the words, “we are everywhere.” 

Video produced by Henry Kueppers

Viral Video

Noah Mohan was walking his dog with his girlfriend last Tuesday in Fairfax, California when he discovered a strange man walking around and placing white Nazi stickers.  He then began to follow the man around and record him. As he followed him, he tore down the stickers and began asking the man why he was putting the hateful stickers up. 

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The man answered, “because I stand by that ideology.”

Noah Mohan said, “I tore the sticker off, threw it away, and followed the guy down the street with my phone for about 20 minutes telling him to get the f**k out of my town and to throw that racist sh*t away on the way out.”

He described the man’s attire saying, “he was wearing sunglasses that had a Nazi SS on them and had a Nazi pin on his jacket.”

Another person got involved by asking the man if he’s ever been to Auschwitz the notorious Nazi concentration camp. The man responded by saying that it wasn’t something he believed to be real.

The last thing in the video shows the police arriving and talking to the man.

Even after this video has gathered more than 100,000 views, it is still unclear who the mystery man is. The police detained him following the release of Noah’s video and they have only said that they identified the man as a 19-year-old from Livermore, California.

He has since been released from police custody, but the case has been sent to the Marin County Defense Attorney, who could potentially level more charges against him. Fairfax, Marin County is known to be a fairly liberal city, where it’s common to see Black Lives Matter signs posted in your front yard.  After the whole incident was over, Noah used his newly viral platform to speak out on racism and bigotry in his hometown.

In an Instagram post, Noah wrote, “racism is alive and growing in Marin county and we need to call it out and condemn it at all costs if we want this to be a safe and peaceful place for people of all skin color, religion, etc.”

“You can try to tell me “it’s just his ideology and beliefs, let him have his like you have yours” but that ideology is to “cleanse the white race” and that ideology says that “the white race is superior”. There is nothing okay about that f**kin bulls**t no matter how you explain it to me. I can’t believe the cops just let him go without getting charged for at least vandalism on private/ public property, but then they don’t hesitate to condemn my brothers and sisters for making art with a positive message like black lives matter,” Noah wrote as he expressed his frustration with how the situation was handled.

Noah told reporters that he wasn’t a hero, but many are already praising him online.

Twitter Reactions

The video created outrage throughout social media that someone would do something so hateful. People also tweeted out to praise Noah Mohan for sticking up for what’s right. The anger in Noah’s post was a wave of anger that people watching the video felt as well. Many questioned how can someone be so cruel and ignorant. 

These users agreed as they also praised Noah for his actions.

However, some people were greatly frustrated and saddened by the whole incident. This user lamented over the fact that we still have so much work to do. 

Meanwhile, this person tweeted out their frustration with the whole situation. 

Fairfax Police Response

Christopher Morin, Fairfax Police Chief, told the Marin Independent Journal that the man was only detained for a short period of time before being released.

Morin also mentioned that the man was carrying a knife. The knife was a regular pocket knife but they took the information because “residents on Nextdoor are alleging a weapon was involved and that the suspect brandished a knife,” Morin stated.

The man is potentially facing both hate crime and vandalism charges as a result of the incident. Morin said officers finished their follow-up investigation and, “will be sending the reports to the district attorney’s office for review of charges against this person for the posting of these inflammatory hate-related stickers.”

People all over social media are showing their support for Noah Mohan and the way he handled the situation. Seeing something like that often makes people hesitant on whether or not they should speak up but he was praised for doing so.

Did Noah do a good job of handling the situation? Would you have done the same?