361 Golden Retrievers Show Up to Dog Meet and Greet in Scotland

Scientifically, these boys? They are very good boys.

Dogs are just the best. Their little faces always make your heart feel full of warmth and happiness. So, could you imagine what 361 dogs could do? Well this was the scene of what went down at a Golden Retriever meet up, which took place in Scotland.

You heard that right, 361 Golden Retrievers met up in the town of Tomich, Scotland to celebrate the 150th anniversary since the breed was first created. The Golden Retriever was actually part of an experiment by Lord Tweedmouth, who bred a wavy-coated retriever and a gold spaniel together in 1868, as he wanted a dog that was capable of swimming long distances to retrieve wildfowl, which explains the name ‘Golden Retriever’. Because of the best experiment on this earth, the first golden pup was born the same year in the town of Tomich, in the picturesque Guisachan Estate, hence the location of the meet up.

The true good boys of the dog community looked like they were having the best time, with their gentle smiles and the wave of golden coats that covered the grounds of Guisachan Estate, as they met up with all their family and friends from far and wide to celebrate their birthday. Many people also attended the event, such as members of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, and Ashleigh Craigmile, who is the owner Insta-famous Golden Retriever, Chewbacca.

Many people all over Twitter were so unbelievably jealous that they were not able to attend, and so were we for that matter, with many people describing the event as ‘what heaven looks like’. Sadly, the festival only happens every four years, but at least this gives us enough time to get ready for the next festival, which we’ve already marked our calendars for, as we don’t want to miss this event of a lifetime. It seems like many people are planning their visit, so they don’t miss out, too!

As they returned to where they first entered the world, the event was definitely a special one that will go down in history, not just because of the amazing photos that came out of it, but because they also hit a new world record for the most amount of dogs together in one place at the same time. That’s heckin’ impressive!

After seeing many videos and pictures of their cute little faces, I’ve been convinced that I need to buy a Golden Retriever. At least I’ll be puppared for the festival next year!

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