7-Year-Old Double Amputee Becomes River Island Kid’s Clothing Model

Daisy-May Demetree will be River Island Kid's new clothing model and will provide positive representation of others who are disabled.

High street clothing brand, River Island, have hired a seven-year-old girl as their new kids clothing model. This young girl, despite being a double amputee, was determined to follow her dreams and not let her disability hold her back.

River Island found their new star model, named Daisy-May Demetree, through her agency, Zebedee Management, which focuses on diverse models. However, Daisy’s modelling journey all began a few years ago, when Daisy’s dad, Alex, created an Instagram for his daughter so that she could inspire others who may have a disability, that life is exciting and joyful. Zebedee Management quickly snapped up Daisy and the rest was history. This little girl has definitely got the modelling game down, from her poses to her cheerful, cute smile – she really is model material.

Daisy was born with a birth defect, called Fibular Hemimelia, which means that part of the fibular bone in the leg is missing, therefore her feet and legs were unable to form properly. Saving Daisy from a lifetime of struggles that this defect causes, her parents decided to amputate both of her legs, and replace them with prosthetics, which has now given her the childhood she deserves, as she’s now able to run, walk and jump whenever she pleases. It also has meant that Daisy can now pose in the fiercest stances ever, giving the definition of photogenic queen.

River Island definitely saw a star in the making and asked Daisy if she’d like to model for their kids and activewear range, which of course Daisy (and her parents) said yes. A spokesman for the clothing brand also mentioned in an interview that they “cast their models based on who best fits the brief…for the new active range for girls’ wear, we required a model who has lots of energy and who looked great in active wear.” Sounds like the perfect role for Daisy, as her parents have also mentioned how she loves to do cartwheels and gymnastics, which is very energetic if you ask me.

Although she has 1,000 followers on Instagram, avid users of Twitter are also quite taken with the little girl and are extremely impressed with River Island and how diverse and accepting they are being, and especially with the message it gives to other brands.

We have to admit, we’re very impressed with Daisy and her modelling talent, especially at seven years old. We’re rooting for you Daisy, you’re going to be a very successful model, and we guarantee you will soon be making Olympic gymnastics diverse as the modelling industry, too.

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