Big Haired Baby Is New Instagram Queen

Meet baby Chanco, the baby whose hair is bigger than yours.

Instagram fame is a rare feat that only the masterful few can crack. You’ve got to have charm, you’ve got to have poise, and — oh yeah. You’ve got to have the right look, and I think the right look award would have to go to Baby Chanco, a baby with a full head of hair. No wonder people are going gaga over this Baby Instagram Star, it looks like she’s wearing an ironic 1950’s wig! I couldn’t have hair that nice and with that much confidence, yeesh!

Baby Chanco is only 7 months old, but she has a full, beautiful head of hair! She’s from Japan, but has fans all over the world; over 100,000 on Instagram! This baby looks glorious.

Divine, Eraserhead, Mad Scientist in her youth, all things I can compare this baby’s amazing do to. Are you in love with Baby Chanco’s hair? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.