Bill Murray’s Video With Comedian Dan White Ends With Insane Surprise

Live From New York...

The Bill Murray stunt has become a sort of internet legend, garnering loves and eyeballs. The actor went from counterculture superstar to superstar to a person who delights in coming in, giving you a weird experience, and fleeing the scene to give fans of Rushmore and incredible stories alike something to adore. The latest Bill Murray video comes from comedian Dan White, and it is a beautiful doozy. I won’t spoil it here, why not check it out yourself.

So, just to recap — Dan White is walking down the street having met Bill Murray — the dream of oh so many comedians. He runs down Bill Murray’s career as the legendary actor trails behind him, and then Dan gets ready for what he claims is his ultimate dream: “Live From New York It’s Saturday N–“– crash!! White takes a violent fall.

Wait a second. Did Dan White surprise Bill Murray with a shocking video? Did this man… pull a Bill Murray on Bill Murray himself? Deeply impressive if so. And a guide on how we can finally get revenge on Billy Murray for all of the pranks he’s pulled on us over the years.

He’s going to eat our fries? No, no, no Mr. Voice of Garfield, Mr. Zombieland cameo, I’ll eat your fries. You better pray you don’t have a bachelor party or a wedding sometime soon, or I absolutely will come and DJ it! And do you think you can just show up to a golf course and not talk at all about your acting career? Sorry friend, I’m doing that too! Everyone will be demanding to know about my process writing this entry, or what the process of watching the short Twitter video was like, but tough, I’ll just be talking about golf.

Mr. Murray. All of our revenges are nigh.

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