Colleen Ballinger Aka Miranda Sings Announces Pregnancy

Both Colleen Ballinger, real life YouTube star and her character Miranda Sings, have announced their pregnancies with very different results.


Colleen Ballinger announced her pregnancy with, and engagement to actor Eric Stocklin, and promised that her character, Miranda Sings, will be dealing with a pregnancy of her own. The result? Beautiful emotional videos from Ballinger, and weird as hell videos from Miranda Sings, such as the one above.

Colleen Ballinger, the renowned YouTube superstar best known for her character Miranda Sings, and star of the Netflix sitcom, “Haters Back Off”, has announced that she is 3 1/2 months pregnant with her fiancee, actor Eric Stocklin. Colleen made the announcement in a YouTube video (naturally) and in the video she hinted that while she moves forward with the pregnancy, Miranda Sings, the lipstick smeared narcissistic superstar, may also have some opinions on suddenly being pregnant, and with Colleen going forward with her tour for her upcoming book My Diarrhe, aka the No Offense tour. The 36 stop tour will allow the audience will have a chance to see this duality in action.

The video is very sweet, showing Ballinger reacting to the incredible news of her baby. This footage was shot before the announcement today as, like Cardi B, Ballinger attempted to keep news of the child private for as long as possible. So if you want to cry while watching Stocklin and Ballinger find out the news, break the news to their friends, eat celebratory cake and compare the size of the baby as it continues to expand (it’s as big as a plum! As big as a peach! And more!?!? Yes.)

Ballinger then discusses her relationship with Stocklin, how he really sounds like her true love, and announces that the couple is engaged. Ballinger talks about how excited she is, and how she has never cared about anything more. It’s absolutely beautiful. Ballinger also promises the channel won’t be a mommy blog, but at the same time it will keep updated on the pregnancy and journey, because she wants to share it with her army of fans. Additionally, Ballinger has uploaded videos of her discovering and announcing her pregnancy to her channel. Oh look, here’s one of them now! Check them out!

And today she’s uploaded the first video of Miranda Sings reacting to her pregnancy, which you can watch above. Miranda checks to see if she’s a sinner using a variety of tests (drugs, pregnancy, etcetera), but guess what buddy, the pregnancy test comes out positive, so Miranda believe it must be broken. Realizing it’s not, and that she’s a “good girl”, Sings zeroes in on only one conclusion… she must be the next Virgin Mary. Should be fun!

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