YouTube Stars Fall in Love with Turkey in “Non-Transferable”

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  • If you’re looking for a movie to cuddle up with this Valentine’s Day, we’ve really been looking forward to “Non-Transferable,” a 90’s romantic comedy for the YouTube generation, directed by and starring What’s Trending alum Brendan Bradley.

    Also starring Ashley Clements from “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” “Non-Transferable” is about a travel vlogger named Amy who books a surprise two-week vacation to Turkey with her boyfriend Josh Merit – right before he decides to break up with her. In order to take the trip she’s already paid for, she has to search the internet for another guy named Josh Merit who a) isn’t a weirdo or a serial killer and b) is up for a spontaneous romantic vacation with a woman he’s never met.

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  • The cast of YouTube personalities gives the movie a built-in audience that has basically grown up with web series and interactive storytelling. Along with Ashley Clements, the movie features “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” stars Julia Cho, Daniel Vincent Gordh and Jessica Andres, StarKid’s Joey Richter, and YouTuber Shanna Malcolm aka HeyYoShanna.

    (Our own Shira Lazar even makes a cameo appearance hosting an episode of What’s Trending that you won’t want to miss, FYI.)

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  • “Non-Transferable” also makes some pretty ambitious leaps in brand partnerships, teaming up with Turkish Airlines, the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and VIP Tourism Agency to film on location in some of the most breathtaking historical sites in the country. You can follow the cast and crew’s behind-the-scenes journey through Turkey on VIP Tourism’s YouTube channel, and if the movie leaves you longing to go to those places yourself, you can actually book the same vacation package.

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  • The movie is available for preorder on Vimeo On Demand and premieres February 14. Check out for more info.