French YouTuber Accused Of Stealing Content From Other Creators

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  • YouTuber Motoki Maxted released a video recently, called out French YouTuber Math Podcast for stealing his content. Motoki has over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube, making his own, original content. While Math Podcast has over 400,000 subscribers, taking popular videos made by other creators (including Motoki) and recreating them in French. In theory, this sounds harmless – but watching the side-by-side comparisons, it’s clear that he’s just stealing the videos outright. Not just being “inspired” by a fellow content creator.

    Here’s another side-by-side of Math’s other stolen videos. This time, from more than just one creator.

  • Many have made a career of making online content, but we’re going to go ahead and say that we shouldn’t build the careers of those who steal from others. Ultimately, his subscribers have his professional fate in his hands – and it seems like viewers are adamant about stopping Math from reaping the benefits of someone else’s ideas.