IISuperwomanII Shines at the “Trip to Unicorn Island” Premiere

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  • If you were anywhere near the Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday night, traffic was absolutely terrible – but for a good reason. Internet star Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII was premiering her new documentary “A Trip to Unicorn Island,” and the biggest names in YouTube were there to cheer her on, including Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, Kingsley and a lot more.

    It’s been a big month for Lilly, with appearances on shows like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Daily Show.” Now with the release of her new movie on YouTube Red, mainstream audiences around the world can find out why IISuperwomanII has 7 million subscribers and counting, and attracts crowds of loyal fans wherever she goes.

    The #AT2UI documentary follows Lilly and her production crew as they put together her first ever world tour, putting on elaborate live performances in 30 cities around the globe. It’s also an intimate look at her struggle with depression and her mission to be happy and spread that happiness to others.

    “Unicorn Island is that state I reach when I decide ‘Everything’s going to be okay, and I’m happy because life is great. There’s no wrong or there’s no right, and no one’s arguing over what’s real or what’s not real. It’s just things that make us happy.”

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  • What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar caught up with Lilly on the red carpet and asked her how she was feeling about the whole experience.

    “Do you want the flattering answer or the truth?” Lilly laughed. “I want to puke because I’m so overwhelmed. My body’s in a state of shock. It’s so overwhelming and I’m so grateful.”

    She said the documentary reveals a whole different part of her life to her followers.

    “On my vlog channel you see a lot of sides of me – you see me exhausted, with makeup all over my face, with acne, with everything. But in this film, you see me from someone else’s point of view and I can’t control the camera. That’s the difference. On my vlog channel, I can decide when to turn off and on. Now you have someone else who’s just always on. I would wake up some nights and there would be someone recording me.”

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • People who don’t know a lot about IISuperwomanII (and maybe even some of her fans) will be amazed to see just how much time and effort Lilly pours into creating YouTube videos, planning new projects and setting higher and higher goals – and then reaching them through sheer determination. The film also shows how exhausting and lonely that work can be, with Lilly running on almost no sleep and sometimes struggling with self-doubt. In the end, though, the fight for happiness is what keeps her going.

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