What’s Trending Hosts Debate Aliens, Conspiracy Theories & Harry Potter

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  • Some of our favorite episodes of the What’s Trending Podcast are when we get several of our hosts together to talk about whatever the hell they want to talk about, and this one was no exception.

    Jay Walker, Anna Lore and Ava Gordy hosted our podcast last week, and things quickly got hilarious as they discussed a recent viral story about a mom who looks exactly like her twin daughters.

  • Asked how he would feel if he were a teenager who was being compared to her mother by people around the world, Jay said, “I’d be like, yo, dope, I got good genes. I’m gonna be hot forever.”

    Anna thought it was hilarious that everyone was freaking out over this story in the first place.

    “I love 2016. The Flint water crisis is still going on, people in Michigan in America still don’t have clean drinking water. It didn’t go away – it’s still happening. And we’re like, ‘WHOA! THIS MOM IS SO HOT!’”

    Jay did some serious geeking out over the discovery of gravitational waves, which proved right Einstein’s general theory of relativity from nearly a century ago.

    “I just want to know when we’re going to have anti-gravity. If they discovered gravitational waves, can they do the opposite thing? I’m talking Star Trek ships, y’all.”

    Later on during a debate about whether Star Wars would be more awesome than Earth wars, Jay said he didn’t want to be the first person dissected by an alien, prompting a revealing conversation about conspiracy theories and B.o.B.’s recent Twitter rant about the Earth being flat.

    Ava Gordy had a unique take on the whole thing. “Did anybody else thing that he started having solid points, or was that just me?” she said. “I don’t think the world is flat, but…”

    And then Anna freaked out. Don’t worry, you guys, Ava was totally kidding. We think.

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  • The recent story about Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio cracking a tooth on a frozen Twix bar led to our hosts demonstrating their impressions of past and potentially future presidents. Jay does a good Obama and George W. Bush, Ava has a decent Sarah Palin accent, and Anna … does her best.

    They also had a vigorous debate about the next “Harry Potter” book, a novelization of the upcoming play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” Jay and Anna were into it, but Ava had her doubts.

    “I have a Harry Potter inspired tattoo, I have always been very connected to the Harry Potter series, I love Harry Potter. But I think at a certain point, you gotta let it go. Not only do I follow [J.K. Rowling] on Twitter and I should just stop, but she holds onto it so hard, and she tweets about it all the time, and she’s constantly trying to do something new with it.”

    You can listen to the whole podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes.