Aunty Donna: 1999 – The Bizarre Series You Didn’t Know You Needed

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  • Aunty Donna: 1999 has been the YouTube series gracing the front page of the internet with every new episode released!

    The series is part of the Aunty Donna channel, an Australian channel that’s been around for roughly 4 years and has consistently put out great content on par with Cartoon Network’s Tim and Eric.

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  • The new series focuses on an eccentric office in the year 1999, and releases a new episode every Friday. Each episode is more odd than the last, filled with great one-liners and dance moves you cannot tear your eyes away from.

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  • So if you’re someone who digs the nonsensical joy of “Superjail!” slammed headfirst into “The Office,” you’ll probably really love Aunty Donna!