Anything Vine Can Do, YouTube Does Better!

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  • YouTuber Jon Cozart makes hilarious a cappella music videos and parody songs, mostly inspired by Disney. Vine star Thomas Sanders performs brilliant six-second comedy skits, like the viral “Story Time” series where he narrates the lives of random people in the street.

    So which one’s better, YouTube or Vine? There’s only one way for these guys to duke it out: Show tune battle!

    “Anything you can do I can do better,” Thomas sings to the tune of the classic “Annie Get Your Gun” song, “Vine can do anything better than You…Tube!”

    The parody takes playful digs at everything we love to hate about the two video platforms, from unstoppable YouTube ads to bratty teenaged Vine stars. (“I hear you only last six seconds long, do girls complain?”/ “It’s enough for your mom.”)

    The duet really kicks it up a notch at around the two minute mark. C’mon guys, stop fighting and just be everybody’s new favorite internet bromance!