How Much Popcorn Do You Need for the Popcorn Pool Dive Challenge?

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  • The Dudesons teamed up with Vine star Logan Paul to fill up a hot tub with popcorn and dive into it, in the most bro-tastic video we’ve seen in a long time. So we’re responding by making fun of them a bit while being total nerds. It’s kind of our thing.

    It’s basically exactly what it sounds like — they fill up a large hot tub with popcorn and then dare each other to jump off the porch and into the popcorn, while the rest of them stand nearby with their shirts off going “OHHHHHHHHH, DUDE! HE TOTALLY JUMPED IN THE POPCORN!”

    Here’s the real question: just how much popcorn did they need to fill up that hot tub? Here’s our best estimate: You can buy kernels in bulk — 4 12.5-lb bags for $35. A cup of kernels, when popped, becomes about 20 cups. Twenty cups = 1.25 gallons, so you’d need 240 cups of kernels to fill up the hot tub, which is 120 lbs for 300 gallons. That would be pretty cheap — less than $100, probably.

    However! These guys said they filled up the whole thing with microwave popcorn, which hold a little more than three ounces each. You’d need hundreds of them to fill up the hot tub and it would be much more expensive.

    And just imagine how badly that house will smell like popcorn for the next month. Let’s hope and pray they didn’t burn any of it.