No One is Going to Be Spiking Your Drinks with Powdered Alcohol

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  • A while back, Palcohol was introduced into the market. It’s a powdered alcohol that comes in several flavors and was approved for sale in the US.

    Parents immediately jumped on some sort of slippery slope bandwagon and had the product banned in 25 states. It was so fast, the owner of the company decided not to distribute the product in the US (THANKS A LOT FOR THAT BY THE WAY).

    Anyway, Brent Rose over at Wired decided to create his own version of powdered alcohol. He mixed grain alcohol with a powdered maltodextrin (IE: Euper absorbent edible powder). Turns out, if your kids wanted to spike someone’s drink with it, there’s too much powder to dissolve in too little time.

    As for the parents who assumed their kids would be snorting this, I’m curious, did you have pixie sticks banned too?

    Additionally, snorting a single ounce (one shot) would be physically impossible.

    So essentially, you prevented adults from getting their hands on an easy to transport product, making smuggling alcohol into stadiums just as difficult as it is today.