Weekend Web Series: “Paranormal Solutions Inc”

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  • It’s a tough market out there for a ghost-hunting startup company, but the professionals at “Paranormal Solutions Inc” are doing what they can to stay afloat.

    “Do you have trouble with ghosts?” says series star David Milchard in the first episode. “Are you being bothered by an annoying Yeti? Are vampires nesting in your pantry or bar? Or maybe there’s just something ‘eerie’ you can’t put your finger on? Well guess what: there’s good news! Paranormal Solutions Inc is expanding — we believe in everything!”

    Sure, half the calls they get might be from crazy people who are gullible enough to believe in things like werewolves, but it’s all good as long as it pays the bills. Unless, of course, the werewolves turn out to be real.

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  • We’ve loved David Milchard and Matt Clarke’s comedy over six award-winning seasons of “Convos With My 2-Year-Old,” with Clarke re-enacting real conversations with his daughter Coco played by a full-grown man. Now they’ve launched a new YouTube Channel called CocoMilkTV, aimed at “audiences who are looking for unique, irreverent and good-ole-silly-fun-time content.”

    The channel’s first offering is “Paranormal Solutions Inc,” an adventure comedy web series about a bumbling, mismatched team of ghost hunters who are trying to grow their business and become real players in the supernatural game – think “Ghostbusters” meets “Supernatural” meets “The Office.”

    So far, they’ve posted five of their eight main episodes, along with bonus videos featuring supplemental comedy sketches — plenty of material for a satisfying binge watch this weekend.

    The series is created by Nicholas Carella and David Milchard, and produced by Sociable Films and Rare Little Bird Pictures in association with CocoMilk Productions.

    Matt and David also have a raft of new series in development, with titles including “UnMomly,” “Beatz and Eatz,” “Santa Jesus,” “With a Face Like Ours” and “Crowd Sourced.”

    Be sure to subscribe to CocoMilkTV to see what’s coming next.