VitalyzdTV Arrested For Climbing the Hollywood Sign!

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  • Vitaly Zdorovetskiy AKA VitalyzdTV was arrested today for his latest prank: Climbing the ‘D’ on the famous Hollywood sign and waving a banner with the words ‘I’M BACK.’

    Vitaly tweeted out rather cryptically two days ago that he planned on doing a big stunt to welcome himself back to the prank game.

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  • After climbing 45 feet to the top of the sign, Zdorovetskiy momentarily lost his grip on the banner and climbed back down to retrieve it. He remained on the sign for a few more minutes before coming back down and being arrested by officers were waiting for him. The whole thing was caught on camera by several news teams including ABC7.

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  • The creator was wearing a helmet cam which he attempted to hide in some bushes, but was later picked up by officers.

    Zdorovetskiy, also known for streaking at the World Cup, faces a $1,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail for the stunt. He’s since been released on bail and in an interview said “I did this because adrenaline man, you only live once and you have to explore things. I got high on life.”

    According to his Twitter account, the video of his stunt will be “dropping today!”