PewDiePie Lashes Out at YouTube over 10 Million Subscriber Button!

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  • YouTube has finally done it! Forget the broken copyright system, forget the issues with fair use: WHERE IS PEWDIEPIE’S DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON?

    Apparently, even though Pewds has surpassed the 10 million diamond play button minimum FOUR TIMES, PewDiePie has yet to receive the button. So he’s issued an ultimatum, he wants the following:

    – 4 Diamond Play Buttons

    – Delivered on horseback

    – Smothered in glitter (classy not gross)

    – Delivered by a beautiful bearded man

    – With a begged apology

    All jokes aside though, it is pretty ridiculous that several other channels have been recognized before PewDiePie has. He has started a hashtag for his diamond button, which you all can jump in on: #GivePewdsHisDiamondPlayButton.

    People are already jumping on the tag on Twitter:

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  • Also that award show we saw in PewDiePie’s video? It looks like YouTube took the buttons back AFTER the ceremony, based on the photo tweeted out below:

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  • To make things extra funny, YouTube’s Twitter account did respond… with a single diamond emoji.

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  • Your heart is colder than the Whitewalker King’s, YouTube.