Lewis Spears Eviscerates YouTuber For Child Abuse “Prank”

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Holy f*cking sh*tting hell you guys. YouTube pranks have reached a new low. There have been some nasty lows — from Sam Pepper’s creepy sexual harassment to Roman Atwood convincing his girlfriend that their child died — but never have I seen them descend to actually abusing children. But now, I can’t say that anymore. YouTube “pranksters” are actually committing child abuse.

    Australian YouTuber Lewis Spears, as part of his LewReviews series, breaks it all down in the video above. I won’t link to the original video, in part because I don’t want the original poster CJISCOOL to earn a penny of ad revenue off his disgusting abuse, and in part because stuff like this usually gets taken down by the authorities.

    Lewis Spears’ video went viral on Reddit, and for good reason. The world needs to know that slipping drugs into your kids’ food, with the intention of causing them pain, is not funny, or a prank, or worthy of your attention (unless, of course, you work for Child Protective Services).

    What do you think? Should CJISCOOL go to jail for child abuse, or are we overreacting? Let us know!