Shocking News: 13-Year Old Social Media Star Apparently a Brat

  • Tubefilter reported yesterday that up-and-coming 13-year old social media star Jacob Sartorius, best known for his popular Vine channel and as a star of, an app that lets users post 15-second lip-synch videos, has found himself in hot water over a variety of claims from fans. The biggest accusation against him is that he repeatedly asked a fan — an apparently underage fan — for nude pictures of her:

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  • After being challenged on the veracity of her tweet, the same fan posted a video of herself scrolling through messages to prove that nothing had been digitally altered:

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  • Buzzfeed reported that he’s frequently rude to fans, with one fan in particular reporting that she felt he was “disgusted” at her size. There are even rumors that he was kicked off the MagCon tour by tour leader Cameron Dallas (another Vine star).

    Sartorius is far from the first social media star to find himself in trouble for his behavior. YouTuber Toby Turner has been widely accused of sexual assault and harassment. YouTuber CJISCOOL got busted for a “prank” that was nothing short of child abuse. And social media pranksters are always in trouble for something.

    So what does this all mean for your life? Unless you’re under fourteen or have a child who is, probably not too much — directly. For those of us in between our teen years and parenting, however, this story is a solemn reminder that we got incredibly lucky that our blunder years weren’t broadcast to millions of followers.

    Whether you’re Sartorius or one of his young fans who feels betrayed by his behavior, you’ll probably regret this in a few years. Unfortunately, all this drama is preserved on the internet forever. Just like Justin Bieber before him, Sartorius has his every bratty childhood indiscretion blown up to epic proportions. We can only hope this story breaking will be a good lesson for him.

    What do you think? Is Jacob Sartorius a nasty kid, or is the internet going too hard on him? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!