In New ‘RED vs BLUE,’ All Must Die

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  • Red vs Blue is one of the original big web series that started way back in the day. It’s a parody of first person shooter games, generally using footage from the Halo video games.

    Well, Corridor Digital has taken that recognizable title and upped the game, so to speak.

    Starting way back in history, even further than 2003 when Red vs Blue began, CD’s short film pits the red coats against the blue coat-wearing Americans. The film spirals from there, showing a variety of instances throughout history (mainly pop culture history) where red and blue have represented mortal enemies. Everyone must be defeated, everyone must die. And it gets crazier and creepier as the video goes on.

    If you want to know who ultimately comes out victorious — red or blue — you’ll have to watch the video for yourself.

    Happy belated Fourth of July?

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