What Would Disney Princesses REALLY Be Like?

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • There are tons of videos and internet memes devoted to what various iterations of Disney princesses would look like — emo princesses, hipster princesses, dude princesses — you name it, it’s been done. But what would it look like if the Disney princesses just existed as themselves, but in reality, rather than a world where magic is really and everyone gets a happily ever after?

    Smosh has some thoughts on that.

    From Ariel laying fish eggs to Pocahontas drilling John Smith on his true intentions for her people, the video paints a humorous and sometimes sobering portrait of what Disney princesses would be like in the real world. Though the original tales most of them are based on would be much, much darker, some of these still toy with some dark realities hiding under the surface, whether for the worlds or the characters themselves.

    But hey, at least they wouldn’t be cardboard cutouts like Disney princes.

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