WTF Video of YouTubers Eating Hair, Vomit, & Worse Is Absurdly Popular

  • WARNING: The following video might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Proceed with extreme caution.

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  • If you can make it all the way through the 22 minute video above without gagging, you’re a stronger person than I. So strong, in fact, that you’re probably either a robot that has gained sentience (please don’t end mankind!) or one of FilthyFrank’s fans.

    For the uninitiated, FilthyFrank is a YouTuber who produces surreal, absurdist videos of himself and his friends doing all kinds of weird sh*t. He’s best known as the originator of the Harlem Shake meme, but we’ve covered him for the time he prank called a One Direction fan as Harry Styles.

    Perhaps his most infamous videos, though, are those in the “Cake” series. The first, “Vomit Cake”, featured FilthyFrank and his friends puking into a cake pan, baking it, and eating it. The second, “Hair Cake”, is pretty much the same thing but with hair. Combined, they have over 14 million views. But now, he’s topped himself — if you can call this an improvement.

    FilthyFrank’s latest video is called “Human Cake.” It’s 22 and a half minutes long, and features FilthyFrank and friends eating a cake made of vomit, hair, cigarettes, urine, toenail clippings, and more. Somehow, FilthyFrank managed to get some of the biggest YouTubers in the world on board with his horrifying stunt — stars like PewDiePie, JonTron, VSauce, and more all agreed to donate disgusting things to Frank’s cake endeavor.

    Why was this video made? What is this? What were they thinking? I have no idea. Personally, I don’t get this kind of thing — John Waters movies, the more extreme Jackass stunts, and now FilthyFrank. What I do know, though, is that it’s earned half a million views within a few hours of uploading, reached the front page of the /r/videos subreddit, and, somehow, earned a massively positive response on YouTube.

    Do you dare to satisfy your morbid curiosity and watch this video, or does the prospect of a mega-popular YouTuber literally shaving his ass and getting others to eat the result gross you out too much? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!