Vid.Me Responds to YouTube’s Latest Rules in Hilarious New Video

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  • Vid.Me, YouTube’s younger, lesser-known cousin, has chimed in on YouTube’s latest controversy with a hilarious new video. Could this be the next major video platform?

    In brief: newly-enforced YouTube rules have led to videos being de-monetized due to content such as profane language, sexually explicit material, and discussing controversial or sensitive subjects — even without displaying graphic content. (Read our full coverage of the controversy here.)

    The video, which features hilariously strong language, showcases all that you can do on Vid.Me which you can no longer get paid for on YouTube. Using stock footage of the Statue of Liberty, the video attempts to bring in users who are seeking an outlet to express their opinions and speak with their normal voices, which may include swears or sexual humor.

    Though it remains to be seen if Vid.Me will ever reach the profitability of YouTube, videos like this one are certainly helping to raise its profile. Vid.Me’s response to the latest YouTube controversy is reminiscent of Reddit’s controversy last year. When Reddit drew the ire of its users for some controversial management decisions, alternative website tried to attract disgruntled Redditors by advertising itself as a bastion of free speech. ( never took off.)

    Are you going to look for alternatives to YouTube? Will you start using Vid.Me? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.