Schmoyoho Songified the First Presidential Debate and It’s Perfect

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  • Schmoyoho, AKA the Gregory Brothers, AKA the geniuses behind the Songify This YouTube series, are back following Monday night’s debate. Their songified version of the Presidential debates are nothing new, as they’ve previously songified the Vice Presidential debate in 2012.

    Schmoyoho, who also have the second channel The Gregory Brothers, are a popular group known for doing just this. But this time, they’ve brought along Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie fame to moderate the debate. They make the debate into even more of a mockery by forming the candidates’ words into song-like answers to Debbie Harry’s questions.

    Trump’s insistence that somebody call Sean Hannity becomes the chorus. In case you didn’t see the debate, the reason Trump insists that somebody call Sean Hannity is that Trump has been pinned down for supporting the invasion of Iraq. This happened because of an interview done with Howard Stern during the early George W. Bush administration. However, Trump apparently did an interview with Sean Hannity soon after and gave a different answer. So if you don’t know, now you know.

    Schmoyoho themselves provide the backing vocals for Trump’s chorus, but the spotlight is placed on the candidates and on Blondie.

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