Jack Douglass “Comes Out” With Hilarious Clickbait Parody Video

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Jack Douglass, AKA Jacksfilms, has been absolutely on-point with his comedic criticisms of the YouTube ecosystem of late. First there was his recommendation that creators disable comments and likes on videos to get more attention, then there was assertion that drama is more popular than content, and now there’s this: a no-holds-barred parody of drama clickbait.

    While we at What’s Trending support actual YouTube coming out stories, from Shane Dawson to Ingrid Nilsen to Gigi Gorgeous, there’s no doubt that some people on YouTube abuse tearful thumbnails and vague video descriptions to draw attention to themselves — rather than to an actual important issue. I’m not going to name names, but it’s obvious that these are the people Jack is making fun of.

    Not only does Jack go after the sh*t-stirring YouTubers themselves, he also goes after the websites and personalities that give them attention. With mocked-up screenshots from Tubefilter and BuzzFeed, as well as fake tweets from h3h3 Productions’ Ethan Klein, Boogie2988, and Philip DeFranco.

    So far, his strategy of using a misleading thumbnail and title to get clicks seems to be working perfectly — and most people are okay with it. With an appearance in YouTube’s Trending tab, and (as of this writing) nearly a million views in just a day, people are definitely clicking. And with over 100,000 likes to just a few dislikes, fans seem to be appreciating the joke.

    Now, I recognize the irony of covering a clickbait parody of clickbait on a website that could be categorized as clickbait itself. But I have no regrets. This video is funny and brings up a good point and I hope you watch it.

    What do you think? Was Jacksfilms’ clickbait parody hilarious, or do you think it trivializes real coming out stories? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!