Hillary Wins the Debate Again in This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Bad Lip Reading is back with a new video. In it, they recapture the majesty of the first presidential debate, once again managing to mangle every word said. They’ve had a busy political season, already having covered the the Democratic National Convention, but don’t think BLR fell off — they’re still as on top of their game as ever.

    In the video, entitled “Debate Night!”, Clinton and Trump square off. Only this time, they face off in a game-show style competition. Segments include “I Can Do This”, “Five Favorites (Cinco Favoritos)”, and “It’s Time to Act”.

    It seems Lester Holt is a better game show host than moderator, as he calls out Hillary Clinton’s nonsense answer to one of his questions. But to be fair, it was a nonsense question. But again, to be even more fair, the whole video is nonsense.

    Throughout the video, Bad Lip Reading changes the nominees answers. Trump’s “wrong” becomes how he prefers his chicken – “raw”. Somehow the words “look Bill it’s a penguin” are able to come out of Trump’s mouth as well.

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