Shay Carl Releases Official Trailer for ‘Vlogumentary’

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  • If you’re familiar with YouTube and/or vlogging at all, you’ll know that Shay Butler and the SHAYTARDS are the first family of YouTube.

    The family of seven started their YouTube journey in 2008 and are best known for their daily vlogs that detail their family triumphs, struggles, and their involvement in the YouTube community.

    Throughout his time online, Shay, along with Corey Vidal, began developing an idea for a YouTube-based documentary titled Vlogumentary. The project would feature a compilation of several of the web’s most successful personalities and detail how they’ve been able to make a career in a newfound realm of online entertainment. Shay and Vidal first debuted a teaser trailer of for the film at VidCon in 2013, but were not able to release it shortly thereafter.

    Fast forward three years, and the official trailer for Vlogumentary is finally here! The highly-anticipated documentary is set to release next week on October 26th on YouTube Red.

    While fans of the creators involved are excited for the film, the news comes on the heels of Shay Carl and wife, Colette, announcing they will be taking one year off from vlogging starting March 5, 2017. The couple is doing so in an effort to maintain a “normal” life and decide what they would like to do in the future.

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