Bad Lip Reading Reimagines Presidential Debate as a Poetry Slam

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  • Bad Lip Reading has introduced us to many things over the years. There was the time they made Adrian Peterson say the words “orange peanut” in a post-game interview. Now, they’re making Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton perform slam poetry.

    The original video comes from the two candidates’ performances in the second debate. They stand and walk around, opposing one another. This time, though, they’re giving a different kind of speech. Slam poetry speech. And it’s everything you expect from the words “slam poetry”.

    They’re also still made to take questions. (Including, of course, a litany of them from none other than meme legend Ken Bone.) This time, though, the questions are shut down more casually. At one point, Hillary even interrupts to say “ma’am, this question is over.” The asker sits down, her question, being, in fact, over.

    By far the best part of the video is the continuation of Donald’s poems. Honestly, if he only spoke in slam poetry for the rest of the election, the world would be better for it.

    What do you think? What was the best poem from the candidates? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter (yes, it’s back up).